Healthy Snacks for Kids – Foods To consume for Smart Snacking

Snacks are incredibly essential for young children as they are constantly growing, but can’t hold as much food as adults. But the snacks you provide make a difference.

Chips, cookies along with other non-nutritious items are fine now and then. But ideally, snacks should be lower in sugar, fat and salt to maintain your kids energized during the day. A snack ought to provide about 100-150 calories and cannot fill you up to the point of skipping a meal. Limit snacks and beverages with artificial colors as these have been associated with hyperactivity along with other behavioral problems in youngsters.

Studies show that early childhood nutrition positively affects diet throughout adulthood. Take your youngsters with you while you shop and let them help prepare a meal at home. Below are some quick snacks for children to savor whenever.

#1. Fresh fruit. High in fiber, vitamin C, beta-carotene and potassium. Choose grapes, apples, pears or other seasonal fruit.

#2. Veggies and hummus. Ranch dressing isn’t the only dip for fresh veggies. Dip carrot sticks, celery, cucumber slices and grape tomatoes in hummus for any great supply of fiber, protein and folate.

#3. Natural yoghurts. Yogurt is not only a great resource of calcium and vitamin D, it’s also got protein, potassium and “friendly” bacteria to keep your child illness-free throughout the year. Search for low sugar, 4 oz. servings.

#4. Raisins or dried cranberries. A great source of antioxidants, these tiny gems can be eaten at 70 degrees, or tossed in oatmeal or salads.

#5. Mini bagels. High in complex carbohydrates, mini bagels are ideal for a fast breakfast or after school snack. Search for wheat grains and serve with natural peanut butter, hummus or low-fat cream cheese.

#6. Sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of zinc and protein, 2 nutrients affecting immunity. Mix them with Cheerios for a quick trail mix, or serve solo.

#7. Cheese sticks. Cheese sticks are a good grab and go snack and need no preparation. Obtain whole wheat crackers or on the side with some fresh fruit.

#8. Mini pretzels. Pretzels can be purchased in convenient 100 calorie packs and supply complex carbohydrates for your children to fuel their marbles. Pair them with hummus, cheese cubes or peanut butter to enhance protein content.

#9. Trail mix. Rather than packing sugary granola bars, mix some Chex or Cheerios together with your favorite nuts and dried fruit. Have a cold glass of milk on the side.

#10. Peanut butter toast. Toast is not just in the morning. Have a slice of whole wheat or multi-grain bread along with a little natural peanut butter to give you a few hours boost.

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