14 Foods you should Never Eat Before Bed to Lose Weight

If you could blink and lose weight, wouldn’t that be amazing? Since it could be dismissed as unrealistic, we all do need to work a bit and concentrate on straightening our diet (switch to healthy diets such as Rati Beauty), getting regular exercise, and by sleeping well! Yes, it seems you can manage to decrease some weight by not doing anything but just having a good sound sleep. You can workout like crazy and “renounce” all type of food, but when you don’t get that mandatory 7 hours of sleep, no significant weight loss is going to happen. In fact, being a night owl, can make you put on weight. Also, eating processed and calorie-dense food right before bedtime can move all of it in the fat-storage part of the body. The more severe thing may be the wrong type of food can make you “awaken hangry,” and you would feel ravenous in the morning, longing for high-calorie and sugary foods. A great night’s sleep is important for that body to reset its metabolism, for recovery of cells, to reduce hunger hormone “ghrelin,” to improve satiety hormone “leptin,” and to balance various fat-burning hormones. Instead of soundly sleeping, if you are being restless around in the bed, probably the last meal you'd before bed is to be blamed. Also, particular foods can provide you with a sugar rush, certain others can cause heartburn, acid reflux, all leading to disrupted sleep. You can count all of the sheep on the planet, but it will be a huge task to go to sleep if you have had one of these simple foods before striking the bed. On a single note, particular foods can further lower metabolic process and result in weight gain.

Why Good Sleep is essential for Losing Weight?

Good sleep and weight reduction are both interconnected and directly proportional. If you sleep for 8 hours straight every night, you would slim down and if you've lost weight, you would sleep better. This is the way it may happen – Sleeping for only Four to five hours per night triggers producing ghrelin (hunger hormone) and lowers the levels of leptin (fullness hormone). Also, people who sleep for 8 hours lose more fat without losing \”precious\” muscle. Having a sound sleep also boosts metabolism and lowers the production of stress hormone. So, sleep your way to weight reduction rather than binging on Netflix and spending hours on social networking which would disturb circadian rhythm, making it hard for you to definitely go to sleep peacefully.

14 Foods you shouldn't Eat Before Bed to Lose Weight:

1. Citrus fruits: Having fruits rather than unhealthy snacks is a good idea, although not right before striking the sack because citrus fruits have high acid content and may make you toss around within the bed because of acid reflux disease.

2. Diet soda/cold drinks: These things consist of empty calories with no nutritious benefit. These empty calories can cause sharp weight gain.

3. Processed food with high sodium: A small packet of instant noodles or chips does not seem much, but right before bed, using its high sodium content, not just is there an increased possibility of putting on weight, the high salt content will make the face puffy in the morning.

4. Pizza: A slice of pizza may be the Achilles heel for people dieting – we do not appear to exercise any restraint, but keeping away that pizza would help you sleep well because it's loaded with carbs, fats, high sodium – all of which can shoot your weight up.

5. Avoid Nutrient-dense High-Calorie food: Walnuts, almonds, cashewnuts are healthy without doubt and are highly nutritious, but having them just before bed, is not a wise decision, where many of them would get stored as fat.

6. Pakoras/French Fries: Fried food is too delicious to put away, but even while a cheat meal, these things are not good. Also, it could result in acid reflux disease.

7. Ice cream: It will lead to insulin spike and skyrocket glucose levels, preventing you from sleeping well by increasing cortisol level. Also, high calories would trigger fat storage when metabolism is lowest at ight.

8. Avoid Thermogenic Foods: Having thermogenic foods throughout the day is nice to enhance weight reduction, but not during the night where they would raise core temperature and prevent your body into entering an escape mode.

9. Tomato: Salad with tomatoes can cause acid reflux disease, so it’s best to avoid tomatoes just like other citrus fruits.

10. Foods that can cause Bloating: Beans, onions, cauliflower sabzi could cause bloating and prevent you against using a good sleep at night.

11. Coffee: The caffeine content in coffee can sharply affect sleep time and delay the body’s clock. Certain research has says having coffee Six hours before going to bed the entire sleep time by 1 hour, so have your cuppa of coffee a minimum of 7 hours before going to bed.

12. Dark Chocolate: Ditto as above, dark chocolate has caffeine content that stop you from using a good shut eye.

13. Juice: High sugar content may cause sharp insulin spikes and all sorts of extra calories get stored as fat.

14. Cakes/muffins/cookies/biscuits: Made from refined flour, they have loads of sugar, empty calories, and give you that unnecessary sugar rush during the night and the chance of weight gain is high.

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